September 4, 2017

New Podcast – Star Wars Action News Episode 496: Force Friday II

Hosted by Marjorie Carvalho, Arnie Carvalho, Justin Kozisek, and Daryl Whitlow

This weekend was like Black Friday for Star Wars fans. Force Friday II — the weekend where Hasbro, Sideshow, Hot Toys, and every other company unleashes their new products for the first time! New figures were found in 6-inch and 3.75-inch…plus some super-articulated figures that weren’t supposed to be out yet!

On this episode of Star Wars Action News the team comes together to report on Force Friday not just across the US but across the globe! Hear reports of store finds from California, Illinois, Florida, Nebraska, and even the UK! What were everyone’s favorite finds? Join the crew to find out!

Plus on this episode Marjorie and Arnie review some new Hasbro 3.75-inch items, including the new C-3PO, Hux, and First Order Stormtrooper figures, the Rey and Praetorian Guard 2-pack, and the new deluxe Rathtar and Imperial Probe Droid!

All this and more on the new Star Wars Action News podcast!
Source: Star Wars Action News


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