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One of the great things about Podcasts is you look at your phone (or other device) and, waiting for you, are new shows, ready for you to play. If you…

Seasonal Donation Podcasts – New System Coming Soon

Coming soon:  an entirely new, simplified, and universal method for our listeners to access their donation drive podcasts. That should come as great news…but there is a downside. At the…

Everything Coming to Now Playing Podcast in January 2021

Now Playing Podcast enters its 14th year in 2021 and still hasn’t run out of movies to talk about.  The first month of the new year is very much like many months…

Everything Coming to Now Playing Podcast in December 2020

It’s been a long and exhausting year, but Now Playing Podcast is leaving 2020 on a positive note, with nineall-new episodes for listeners and supporters. It’s a good thing December has 31 days. …

Recently Added Movies

Dune (2021)

2021 - Dune (2021)

Not rated yet!
A Quiet Place Part II

2021 - A Quiet Place Part II

Not rated yet!
Halloween Kills

2021 - Halloween Kills

Not rated yet!
A Quiet Place

2018 - A Quiet Place

Not rated yet!
No Time to Die

2021 - No Time to Die

Not rated yet!