February 5, 2012

Avengers Superbowl Trailer – A Frame By Frame Analysis

Avengers Superbowl Trailer – A Frame By Frame Analysis

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When The Avengers trailer aired during the Super Bowl, and then an extended version was posted online I had to scour it for clues as to what this movie will bring.  Frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer gave me these insights to the blockbuster film due out May 4.

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First, Dr. Pepper is a sponsor of The Avengers film.

In the opening Marvel flip-book opening, Black Bolt can be briefly seen... Black Bolt is a member of the Inhumans. Perhaps a clue to the film's villian?


Quinjets are quite a bit larger than standard fighters


Loki has a flying vehicle...like a hover motorcycle. But what force is he commanding?


A close-up of the ships flying behind Loki


Captain America's cumberbund has a zip-up front. Not sure where the zipper ends though.


Tony Stark listens to classic rock. Iron Man perhaps?


Tony Stark's ARC reactor gets an upgrade. Looks much cooler under the shirt.

Then the suit Tony is donning is the new Mark VII armor.


But the Mark VI is in this film as well. My guess--it gets demolished by one of Loki's troops or maybe Hulk and Tony is forced to upgrade.


Whatever those flying things are, they are after Iron Man as well.


ScarJo looks good when covered in sweat. (Ok, this one may be a bit gratuitous)


Chris Hemsworth has a much better wig in Avengers than he did in Thor. Or are these extensions?


Are these Frost Giants I see leaping the chasm? Hard to tell but I think they are...


A close-up of the possible Frost Giant


The Mark VII armor has big jets on the back and just looks very cool!


But what are these strange aircraft that Iron Man is fighting? Looks kind of like Independence Day.

Another shot of the strange craft Iron Man is fighting.


The Mark VII armor is back to the circle ARC Reactor. It's not a mistake on the toys.


The wings airbrushed on Cap's mask look a bit silly...I see why people have problems with Cap's modern outfit.


They really made Hulk look like a beefed-up Mark Ruffalo


And Hulk gets to smash some of those enemy aircraft with his fists. Yes!


With all these juicy tidbits about The Avengers I know where I’ll be May 4th.  The only question will be how many times I see it?

What was your favorite part of the trailer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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