June 19, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Series Review Index

The Amazing Spider-Man TV Series Cast
The Amazing Spider-Man TV Series
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 13
Air Dates: 1977 – 1979
Series Creator: Charles W. Fries and Daniel R. Goodman
Stars: Nicholas Hammond, Chip Fields, Robert F. Simon

In anticipation of The Amazing Spider-Man opening in July, 2012, Jakob, Stuart, and I are doing a podcast retrospective series of all the movies based on the Marvel Comics Superheroes at Now Playing.

With Now Playing’s current Spider-Man Retrospective Series I will also be looking back at every episode of The Incredible Hulk TV series that ran from 1978 to 1982.

Pilot TV Movie
Spider-Man (1977)

Season 1
The Deadly Dust (later renamed Spider-Man Strikes Back)
The Curse of Rava
Night of the Clones
Escort to Danger

Season 2

The Captive Tower
A Matter of State
The Con Caper
The Kirkwood Haunting
Photo Finish

TV Movie Finale

The Chinese Web (later renamed Spider-Man: The Dragon’s Challenge)

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