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Please Support Independent Podcasting with Now Playing's Fall 2016 Donation Drive

For over 5 years Now Playing Podcast has released a podcast for free every single week, with no breaks. Including bonus shows, there are usually 55 or more new Now Playing podcasts put out annually on our main feed for our awesome listeners.

But what is free for the you to download is not free for us to make. We are a private podcast with no sponsors or advertisers. To keep the show going at the pace and quality we do, we rely solely on your support. Without donations from listeners like you Now Playing couldn't stay on the air.

To raise funds for our web site, our expenses, and more, we are running our Fall, 2016 Donation Drive from September 1, 2016 to December 31, 201. During that time we will be offering 19 bonus podcasts available only to those who help support the show!

We are offering three tiers on this donation drive, and the more you donate the more exclusive podcasts you get! Below find a list of what podcasts come with each donation level.

And if you aren't interested in any of these bonus reviews, we hope if you enjoy the show we produce week after week that you will still donate to support our show's continued growth!

Silver Donation A donation of $10 or more

Silver level donors will receive 5 bonus podcasts.


The Fly (1958)
Release Date: Sep 9
Return of the Fly
Release Date: Sep 16
Curse of the Fly
Release Date: Sep 23
The Fly (1986)
Release Date: Nov 3
The Fly II
Release Date: Nov 10

To hear the above podcasts please donate $10 or more using the button below

Gold Donation Donate $25 or more

In addition to The Fly Retrospective Series, listeners who donate $25 or more will also receive our reviews of eight sci-fi movies from '86.


The Hitcher
Release Date: Sep 30
Release Date: Oct 7
Chopping Mall
Release Date: Oct 14
April Fool's Day
Release Date: Oct 21
Release Date: Oct 28
Deadly Friend
Release Date: Nov 18
Trick or Treat
Release Date: Nov 25
From Beyond
Release Date: Dec 2

That is a total of 13 bonus movie review podcasts for a donation of $25 or more! So support our show by donating $25 or more using the button below!

Platinum Donation Now Playing Podcast supporters who donate $35 or more get all of the above podcasts, plus our Re-Animator Retrospective Series

For this donation you get all the above shows, plus:


Release Date: Dec 9
Bride of Re-Animator
Release Date: Dec 16
Beyond Re-Animator
Release Date: Dec 23
Re-Animator: Evolution
Release Date: Feb 17, 2017
(Date Likely to Change
Dependant Upon the Film
Studio's Release Schedule)
This is a total of 17 movie reviews, but they're only for Now Playing supporters who donate $35 or more between September 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
Donate Now using the button below!


I donated but have no show! How do I get my podcast?
This is our most common question. All donations are processed by hand, and an e-mail is manually sent to you. We review all donation e-mails at least once per day. If you have not received your download e-mail after two business days of your donation please check your spam folder. Many times e-mails with terms "Donation" and "Paypal" are marked as spam. If the e-mail is not in your Spam folder, please e-mail us at and forward us your Paypal receipt showing your e-mail address used to made the donation as well as the date and time the donation was made.

I donated and got the inital e-mail but I haven't gotten any other e-mails.
New for Fall, 2016 we are taking measures to avoid our e-mails going into your Spam folder by using Newsletter software. However, to receive any e-mails others than the first, you must confirm your enrollment in the newsletter list. If you no longer have your enrollment e-mail with the link to enroll please e-mail us at and forward us your Paypal receipt showing your e-mail address used to made the donation as well as the date and time the donation was made. We will then resend the newsletter enrollment e-mail within 2 business days.

Do I have to have the download e-mails sent to the same e-mail address I use for Paypal?
No. You can e-mail us at and include a forward of your Paypal donation receipt e-mail for your donation and the e-mail address at which you would like to receive the download notices. It may take up to two business days to process the change, so we suggest you monitor your Paypal e-mail initially, but we will then change the mailing address by hand.

Do I have to use Paypal to donate?
Yes. Due to the digital delivery of the files we need to have an online payment method and Paypal is the most universal form of payment. As we are a small operation we would not have the ability to keep track of mailed payments or payments made through alternate methods. Multiple payment methods creates more overhead. However, you do not need to have a Paypal account - you can enter credit card information without having an account.

How will I receive the bonus podcasts?
After your donation is processed (which is a manual process and may take up to two days) you will receive an e-mail with download instructions specific to you. That e-mail will also include instructions to subscribe to the newsletter and receive alerts each time a new bonus podcast is released. A variety of download methods are made available including direct download and iTunes/RSS subscription.

I donated previously. Will I receive these bonus podcasts?
Our donation drives are limited time "thank you" gifts. While we are very, very appreciative of all donations to keep our show going, only donations made between August 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 will receive these thank you podcasts.

I missed out on one of your previous donation series (Alien, Romero, Indiana Jones, etc). How do I get those?
Our donation drive podcasts are only available for a limited time. As a small operation processing all donations by hand, we do not have the capability to offer more than these series simultaneously. More, these rewards are intended as a "thank you" to those who donate during this time, making them more limited. So none of our previous donation retrospectives are available.

Are any more of your 5th Anniversary DVD-ROM sets available?
To celebrate Now Playing's 5th Anniversary we released a limited, 3 disc DVD-ROM set with every podcast we'd ever recorded and other bonus features. They include all the bonus reviews done through December, 2012:

  • The Alien Retrospective Series
  • The Child's Play Retrospective Series
  • The Jaws Retrospective Series (with a review of Deep Blue Sea)
  • The George Romero Living Dead Retrospective Series
  • The Living Dead Official Remakes Retrospective Series
  • The Spielberg Alien Retrospective (reviewing Close Encounters, E.T., and War of the Worlds)
  • The Exorcist Retrospective Series
  • The Thing (From Another World) Retrospective Series
  • A number of "Easter Egg" podcasts including
    • I Know Who Killed Me
    • The Golden Child
    • The Garbage Pail Kids
    • Killer Klowns From Outer Space
  • An inside look at Now Playing through a series of interviews
We have just a few of these sets left, but they are first come first served. The cost of these sets is $150 + shipping and processing ($19.95 in the US, more internationally). If interested in one of these sets please e-mail us at to see if there are still some available.

If you have any other questions please e-mail us at


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