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Episode 3: The Incredible Hulk Returns
March 06, 2012

By Odin's Beard! Hulk Returns!

Title: The Incredible Hulk Returns
Rating: NR
Running Time: 100
Release Date: May 22, 1988
Director: Nicholas Corea
Writer(s): Kenneth Johnson
Starring: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Steve Levitt, Eric Kramer, Charles Napier, Lee Purcell
Company: Universal
Hulk-Outs: 4

In 1987 The Incredible Hulk Returns and he brought a friend with him--Thor! Comic book crossovers are the thing of geek legend. Everyone wants to know who will win in a fight, Batman or Spider-Man. But due to licensing issues, on-screen comic book crossovers are rare, even for superheroes from the same publisher. That is what makes this summer's Avengers film so special, getting all the superheroes in one place! But long before Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth put Hulk and Thor on the same screen there was Lou Ferrigno and Eric Kramer in a story of murder, mystery, and action! With all three principle actors from The Incredible Hulk TV series reprising their roles, is this a smashing Hulk movie? Listen to Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob to find out!

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The Incredible Hulk Returns

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