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Arnie - Co-Host, Producer, and Editor

Arnie graduated with a standard liberal-arts degree in Communications where he studied filmmaking, TV and Radio production, and creative writing.  His papers and projects usually involved Freddy or Jason, and his Senior Thesis was a literary deconstruction of Clive Barker's Imajica.

In 2005 Arnie took that background along with his web design skills and entered Podcasting with the award-winning Star Wars Action News - the first podcast dedicated to Star Wars collecting.  From there he created more podcasts including Now Playing, the book review podcast Books & Nachos, and the Marvel toy collecting podcast Marvelicious Toys.

Along that way he has interviewed celebrities including Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Keenan Thompson, and Robert Englund,  He has traveled across the country and to Germany to present on Star Wars collectibles and podcasting.

You can read his random thoughts on Twitter at @thearniec 

Favorite Movies: Star Wars: A New Hope, The Professional, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Guardians of the Galaxy, It's a Wonderful Life

Stuart - Co-Host

Contrary to his on-air nickname, Stuart is not a native of Los Angeles or even California.  He was born in Atlanta, GA, and grew up just a few blocks from fellow host Arnie in central Illinois. 

Friends since the second grade, Stuart and Arnie have launched several unusual business ventures prior to their collaboration on Now Playing Podcast:  detective agency, breakdancing crew, 80s synth pop band, and they are the original creators of Star Wars: Episode VII (suck it, JJ!!).

Stuart attended Columbia College Chicago with the goal of one day being able to apply his Film Studies degree to slasher movie sequels and comic book-based television shows from the 1970s.  He has lived in Los Angeles since the early 2000s.

Stuart joined Now Playing Podcast in 2008 as a special guest co-host for The Midnight Meat Train and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  He became a full-time host when Now Playing debuted the Friday the 13th Retrospective Series in 2009.

In addition to his hosting duties, Stuart is responsible for scheduling Now Playing review, and he co-founded the Books & Nachos podcast, dedicated to reviewing all forms of print media.

Favorite Movies: Silence of the Lambs, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Network

Jakob - Co-Host

Jakob wrote his first screenplay at age 7 after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark.  A few years later he wrote his second screenplay after seeing Die Hard.

They were terrible scripts, because they were written by a child.

Jakob currently spends his time finding cultural significance in exploitation films, feeling clueless every time he attempts to get into French New Wave cinema, and obsessing over the Step Up franchise.

Favorite Movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Robocop (1987), Fight Club, Step Up 3, The Royal Tenenbaums

Marjorie - Co-Host

Marjorie formed Venganza Media Inc. alongside her husband, Arnie, and helped launch Now Playing Podcast in 2007.  She is also a host of Venganza's Star Wars Action News and Marvelicious Toys podcasts.

Marjorie grew up a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise - when she should have been watching more age-appropriate fare.  Her first movie love was Star Wars, and she also ranks Halloween and The Terminator among her favorite films.

Her favorite actor is Crispin Glover, and cites his performances in the cult films Rubin & Ed and Willard among his best works.

Marjorie's guilty pleasure film is White Chicks.

Outside of the recording studio Marjorie can be found running, working on crafts, and buying Starbucks City Mugs.

Favorite Movies: Rubin & Ed, Star Wars, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, House of 1000 Corpses, and 13 Going on 30 (the only "chick flick" she'll watch)

Brock - Announcer, Co-Host

Brock joined Venganza Media in 2006, helping Arnie coordinate the Star Wars Action News Book Club. He joined Now Playing Podcast in 2008 with a review of Pineapple Express.

Brock's role expanded with the release of Now Playing's first retrospective series  Friday the 13th  in 2009. Since that series, Brock has seen more horror films than he ever thought he would, and is proud to say that he's come to appreciate the slasher genre in ways he never expected.

In addition to his Now Playing duties, Brock does regular segments on Star Wars Action News and has made appearances on episodes of the Star Wars Action News Book ClubBooks & Nachos, and the Republic Forces Radio Network.  

Of course, Brock's most famous role is that of announcer for nearly all of Venganza Media's programming.

Favorite Movies: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Court Jester

Jason L - Content contributor/Marketing advisor

Jason is a Seattle-based media professional who joined Now Playing Podcast after spending 13 years covering news and entertainment in Las Vegas.

During that period, Jason worked diligently to book stars of the Halloween franchise on his shows, just so he could meet them. He also had the opportunity to interview Jingle All The Way star Sinbad, The A-Team's Mr. T, and the guy who sang the song from the end credits of The Running Man

In addition to his role as a content and social media contributor for Now Playing Podcast, Jason acts as public relations and marketing advisor to the show and its hosts.

When he has spare time, Jason can't stop watching the Fast and the Furious movies. 

Favorite Movies: Beverly Hills Cop, Clue, Ed Wood, The Dark Knight, Drive

Heath - Editor

Heath was born and still resides in Melbourne, Australia; and developed a lifelong obsession with film after viewing Star Wars and E.T. on the big screen as a child.

He credits Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide as partial inspiration for his goal to become a film critic, and has had a successful career writing television and film reviews for nearly every newspaper published in Australia.

As a  Now Playing Podcast editor, Heath spends countless hours listening to the show's raw feed, while meticulously making cuts in order to deliver a quality product week after week.

Favorite Movies: Back to the Future, Magnolia, The Blues Brothers, Die Hard, Unforgiven

About Now Playing Podcast

From its beginnings as a short-form, off-the-cuff movie review show, Now Playing Podcast has grown into one of the most successful and celebrated independent podcasts online. Its ability to stand out in a crowded field is largely attributed to Now Playing's highly-acclaimed retrospective format, keeping listeners engaged week-after-week as its rotating panel of critics chronicle decades of hits-and-misses while maneuvering Hollywood's hectic release schedule.

Now Playing Podcast is the flagship program of the Venganza Media Podcasting Network.

About Venganza Media Inc.

Venganza Media Inc. is a privately-owned multimedia production facility and home to the Venganza Media Podcasting Network.

Film fans and collectors worldwide know Venganza as the producer of Books & Nachos, Star Wars Action News, Marvelicious Toys, and the company's flagship program, Now Playing Podcast.

Since its formation in 2005, Venganza has delivered thousands of hours of entertainment to listeners, while its staff and fleet of contributors have established the company as a premier source for film reviews, celebrity interviews, and collecting news for audiences of all ages.

Venganza Media Inc. is equipped to produce both internally developed and commissioned podcasts in audio and video formats. If you are interested in having Venganza produce your company's multimedia communications, e-mail

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