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Episode 1: Pokemon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
March 05, 2019

Do we really gotta catch ‘em all in this video game retrospective?

Title: Pokemon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
Rating: G
Running Time: 75 mins
Release Date: November 6, 1999
Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Writer(s): Takeshi Shudo
Starring: Veronica Taylor, Ikue Otani, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Roger Parsons
Company: OLM, Inc.

Also includes reviews of "Pikachu's Vacation" and "Origin of Mewtwo"

Arnie, Justin, and Pika-Stu are strapping on the boxing gloves and going head-to-head with Pokemon - the second most popular video game franchise of all time. Can the hosts survive six rounds with these irrepressibly cute “pocket monsters”, starting with their blockbuster animated First Movie?  Legendary baddie Mewtwo hopes to wipe them and every other living being off the face of the earth with an epic flood, making way for a new generation of genetically modified critters.  Catch all the laughs and excitement when you listen now!


Pokemon: The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes Back)

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